Financial Modeling
And Forecasting

  • Business entity consulting

  • Strategic Financial planning including 280e considerations

  • Accounting set-up and CFO outsourcing

  • Advanced tax strategies

  • Auditing


The first step in any new business endeavor is to understand the full economics of an industry, and the portion you may be participating in.  Cannabis is a very different industry to most given its state-by-state development and varying rules and regulations in each. 

There are tax consequences to differing company formations that should be optimized in the beginning.  One of the most challenging financial aspects of accounting in the cannabis space is maximizing tax deductions under 280e.  We are on the forefront of structuring businesses for this burden.  We can also provide CFO services in the beginning, until it is time to bring one on full-time. Our firm also offers an audit practice if your license requires it.