Cultivation Design 

  • Grow styles-cultivation methods

  • Business Plan

  • Facility layout and design

  • Full service design build

  • Security

  • Equipment and Vendor selection

  • SOP’s and training

  • Seed to Sale Tracking


Choosing a cultivation method and design will be one of the biggest decisions of your partnership.  We will help you choose the type of construction based on the type of license you are applying for or have received as well as the total investment you are willing to commit.  Our experienced cultivation team and design-build architects and contractors have years of first-hand knowledge with multiple grow methods, substrates and strains.  We can design a grow specific to your needs utilizing state of the art indoor grow techniques, greenhouse adaptations and outdoor grows. 

The C3 team expertise includes hydroponic, greenhouse, soil and inert substrate experts with proven and documented successes. We also have many relationships with producers of lighting and production equipment that will be crucial to building a winning grow. 

Let us design it, cost it out, render it for your application and build it when you win a license.

Lakeview Commerce Center Building IV working - new.jpg