• Corporate identity

  • Product line development

  • Legally compliant packaging

  • Website/social media plan

  • Community outreach


Your brands will flow from the Company's mission statement and value proposition.  We will craft your Corporate identity to deliver on this message and drive it through to your product lines.  

Transparency is paramount in any category today, most importantly the cannabis industry. Your company and brands will not only need to adhere to strict regulatory state compliance issues, but also dispel old "marijuana" stereotypes.

We will determine if you are targeting a strictly medical market or an adult recreational market. Products, their images and positioning will be completely different under those scenarios and you can take advantage of our expertise in having created both to mitigate your risk.

 Our job is to create an efficient product line with a hierarchy, and packaging system that will give you future flexibility as the industry grows and changes.

Once we have your Corporate identity, and product and package line developed, we can create your website, social media calendar and other recommended marketing programs.